Yiannakis (John) Polycarpou

Real Estate Developer & Facilities Management Expert

Learn more on how Polyteck can help you with your Real Estate Development and Facilities Management requirements.

Yiannakis Polycarpou Photo

Why Work With Me?

For the last 45 + years, I have crafted my skills and expertise in the Real Estate Development and Facilities Management industry. I began my career as an Electrician in the 70s and went on to create multiple companies. Today I am the chairman of several companies, one of which, (Polyteck) has a £28 million turnover.

“We have used the Polyteck services now for many years, including not only the electrical and maintenance teams, but the refurbishment/construction arms. I remain impressed by the quality of staff that are employed and their work ethic and attention to detail, despite the continued growth of the company over the past few years.¬†“

What I Can Do For Your Business

Facilities Management

Project Visioning

Construction Planning

Real Estate Marketing