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How IoT Improves Building Performance (and What Polyteck Is Doing About It)

Yahoo Finance, Dec 24, 2020

The Internet of Things (IoT) is completely transforming everyday life. These days, it seems like everything from TVs to refrigerators is connected to the internet. But this connectivity can go even farther — particularly in the commercial space.

Indeed, IoT is fast becoming an essential …

Facilities Management: What It Is and Why It Matters, According to Polyteck

Yahoo! News, Dec 24, 2020

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, CEOs have found themselves scrambling like never before to manage a shifting work landscape — including dealing with previously unplanned for expenses and changes to their operations.

With a seemingly ever-growing list of companies that have filed for bankruptcy in …

Why Doing Work That Matters…Matters! (and Why Polyteck Is Doing Just That)

Thrive Global, Dec 23, 2020

Does your regular, nine-to-five grind have you feeling sluggish, depressed or unmotivated on a routine basis? Should that be the case, find ways to do work that matters in your life — it’ll make all the difference!

No one wants to find themselves waking up each day to go to a meaningless job. …

Costas Polycarpou Shares 5 Tips On Overseeing Hundreds of Employees (Without Going Crazy)

Influencive, Dec 30, 2020

Is your business growing at such a rate that you find yourself having to oversee hundreds of employees? If so, make sure you do things the right way the first time around!

Managing a team of ten or so employees is already a challenge in and of itself — but what if you have hundreds of employees that you …

How Polyteck Ensures That London’s New Buildings Are Desirable (and Stay That Way)

Big Time Daily, Dec 23, 2020

Estimated to be roughly 2,000 years old, London is one of the oldest major cities in the world — and as one of the world’s largest financial centers, it continues to grow.

Of course, population growth means that new buildings become a necessity, both for the people who will call London home and …

How Costas Polycarpou Has Single-Handedly Improved London’s New Housing

Future Sharks, Dec 22, 2020

From the onset of Polyteck, there’s been a cooperative element which has served them well as they scaled to revenues over £30 million in only 15 years.

“Back in 2005 I started this company with my father, I was only 27 at the time, and there were plenty of challenges in getting my …

How to Simply (and Successfully) Market Your ‘Not-So-Sexy’ Business

Entrepreneur, Jan 22, 2021

It seems that most media attention tends to go toward startups that offer something innovative and exciting. The latest app or “disruptive” brand is what will inevitably get the most attention. The thing is, not every business can deliver that level of flash and pizazz. Some industries and businesses are going to seem boring no matter how you 

How To Grow Your Real Estate Business in 2021 [Trends + Expert Tips]

Carrot, Jan 26, 2021

Virtually every meaningful data point on mental health has changed for the worse, an unprecedented number of businesses have closed, and, worst of all, reports from CNBC suggest that 60% of those businesses will never open their doors again.

But we made it…

3 Proven Ways Polyteck Is Bringing Sustainability to Massive Construction Projects

World News, Jan 29, 2021

Over the years, the topic of sustainability and reducing waste has been a popular subject of discussion. Still, one issue that isn’t getting enough attention in this area is the evolution of construction techniques.

For many contractors, sustainability within the construction environment has a…

How Costas and Yiannakis Polycarpou Identify Properties With Long-Term Development Potential

Realty Times, Feb. 5th, 2021

Many of the world’s wealthiest people have built their wealth on the ability to identify investment properties not just with short term returns, but with strong long-term development potential. Choosing these types of properties takes insight and skill

3 Signs You’ve Built A Business That Is Ready To Scale (And How to Take The First Step)

Forbes, Feb. 11th, 2021

Building a business from the ground up is a rewarding, yet challenging task.

For many solopreneurs trying to handle everything on their own, a common concern is when (or even if) they should scale. First off

How Polyteck Manages Construction, Maintenance AND Security for It’s Clients (at the Same Time)

ActiveRain, Feb. 16th, 2021

Managing a large facility is a massive undertaking. From initial construction and development work to fulfilling ongoing maintenance and security needs, there are countless tasks building managers need to ...

Why Polyteck is London’s Best Bet for Reliable Facilities Management

London Daily

If you’re in charge of keeping a complex organization running smoothly, it’s likely you don’t need convincing of the importance of a reliable facilities management provider.

If you’re unfamiliar with what a facilities management company does…

Polyteck to build new London town house scheme

Construction Enquirer, Feb. 22nd, 2021

Polyteck will act as developer and main contractor on a new £15m residential housing scheme in Colindale, North West London.  

Work will involve construction of 23 new private town houses in an area dominated by new apartment developments…

The Important Role Humility Plays In Your Success

Addicted 2 Success, Mar. 8th, 2021

For those of us who are drawn to the pursuit of success, it’s common to look forward to the ego-boost that comes when we achieve our goals and other people notice. None of us are immune to that good feeling that comes when others admire the work we’ve done. The.

Polyteck wins with McCan in Bishopgate

Facilities Management Journal

The London-based facilities management organisation has secured a three-year multi-service engineering management contract with McCann Worldgroup.

Based at McCann’s new Bishopsgate office in London, Polyteck will offer maintenance and engineering services ranging from HVAC, electrical, to fire & security operations…

3 Things Sustainable Companies Do for “Green” Construction

Blue & Green Tomorrow

Combating climate change requires a global effort. That’s why organizations all over the world are taking steps to improve sustainability in whatever ways they can.

One of those organizations is Polyteck, one of London’s leading green construction and facilities management companies…

What buyers crave: How to find coveted listings in your market


What makes a house really stand out? Curb appeal is one part of the formula, but there are other factors that come into play. Learn about finding and selling desirable homes — and how to make listings more attractive to buyers.

Every agent wants to list homes that receive…

Polyteck’s Yiannakis Polycarpou Secures £10million For 24-Dwelling Edgeware Project

Global Newswire

An ambitious £10 million project launched by city real estate disrupter Polyteck, led by Yiannakis Polycarpou, is set to breathe new life into an area of Edgware.

The leading building services and maintenance solutions provider wants to create a sustainable residential development on a vacant former industrial estate site in B.

5 Ways To Become A More Progressive, Forward-Thinking Business


In today’s business world, a forward-thinking mindset, is a prerequisite to success. In order to keep up with the changing needs and interests of customers, business owners must be innovative, creative, and open-minded. It’s essential to implement this type of attitude as soon as possible. Here are five ways types you can create a more progressive business..

5 Ways To Become A More Progressive, Forward-Thinking Business

European Property

Construction, facilities management, and other real estate components are always changing and evolving around the world. Now, London is home to a new development of sustainable housing based in Burnt Oak. Built by Yiannakis Polycarpou, founder and chairman of Polytek Group, this new and revolutionary approach to real estate

First Houses Completed As Part Of Yiannakis Polycarpou’s (Polyteck) Multimillion Pound Burnt Oak Development

CS Engineering

A new £15m residential development based in Burnt Oak, London, has seen the completion of its first ranch of sustainable housing.

Led by Yiannakis Polycarpou, the founder and chairman of Polyteck Group, the project was first launched in January 2021 making use of a vacant former industrial estate site.

Yiannakis Polycarpou From Polyteck On-Track For Completing 23 New Homes In Colindale, North West London

Business Case Studies, Feb. 16th 2022

A year ago, Costas Polycarpou from Polyteck announced that Polyteck would act as developer and main contractor on a new 15-million-pound residential housing scheme in Colindale, North West London.

Despite 2 years of international disruption, supply chain issues, and pandemic challenges, Yiannakis Polycarpou .

Construction and Facility Management firm Polyteck by Yiannakis Polycarpou Says More Buildings Need Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM)

Business Matters, Feb. 18th 2022

Polyteck, a construction and FM business led by Yiannakis Polycarpou, has been awarded a contract. This is to provide planned preventative maintenance (PPM) at the Lillie Square development in West London. This follows from other FM deals with .

Yiannakis Polycarpou announces the launch of phase three of Charlotte Court build

Digital Journal

Charlotte Court was a 35,000 sq. ft. occupied office building. This site was purchased in March 2014 to manage the asset and gradually develop the site in phases.

The first phase consisted of vacating the offices, obtaining permits for 30 flats, and completing them by April 2016. This includes a cantilever front and rear facade being built to extend the space and create external balconies. 

Polyteck launches apprenticeship programme to create its own pipeline of skilled engineers

Facilities Management Journal

The construction and facilities management business has launched its own apprenticeship programme to address the industry skills shortage, with plans to take on eight apprentices this year.

The move will address the shortage of engineers in the industry, a shortage recognised by the government’s Migration Advisory Committee, which lists a range of engineering roles on its Shortage Occupation List…

Construction and engineering apprenticeships for young Londoners

Construction National

An apprenticeship programme which will bring jobs in the construction industry to young people in East London has been launched through a partnership between New City College and Polyteck.

Construction and facilities management organisation Polyteck has teamed up with the college in a bid to tackle the shortage in trade roles across the UK…

Construction and engineering apprenticeships on offer as Polyteck links up with New City College

FE News

An apprenticeship programme which will bring jobs in the construction industry to young people in East London has been launched through a partnership between New City College and Polyteck.

Construction and facilities management organisation Polyteck has teamed up with the college in a bid to tackle the shortage in trade roles across the UK.

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